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In the heat of the battle, will you run and hide or shoot your way out?

Take part in an experience you will remember for years to come. With a maze of different rooms and wooden crates, oil drums and large tyres and lots more to hide behind... will you have the courage and skill to win the battle?

A live gaming experience with infrared bullets, medic boxes and a whole range of gaming scenarios. You won’t ever want to play computer games again…

In the heat of battle, will you run and hide or shoot your way out? You will need to work with the teammates you have left to eliminate the opposition and complete the mission  objectives. With no projectiles, a safe environment and groundbreaking laser technology you can’t help but have an absolutely amazing  experience.


Age restrictions

 Absolutely Combat in Maidenhead is suitable for ages 8- 13 and is absolutely perfect for birthday parties and special events.

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Birthday Parties from only £12pp!  


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Go Karting & get Combat 1/2 price any time!

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